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  • colitis disease and treatment

colitis disease and treatment

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colitis disease and treatment

The first thing to understand about colitis disease is that it’s a disease of
your gastrointestinal system. In other words, it’s a disease that’s at least
partially caused by – or at least effected by – what you eat. If you’re eating
crappy food, you’re more likely to suffer from colitis disease. That’s a simple
fact, and it’s one that you’re best understanding right off the bat.

Technically, colitis disease is an inflammation of the colon. The colon is
the very final part of the digestive system in humans. It’s what absorbs water
and salt for solid waste (feces) before they’re evacuated from your body.
Another name for the colon is the large intestine. But unlike its neighbor the
small intestine, the colon doesn’t actually absorb nutrients from the food you

The number on cause of colitis disease in humans is poor blood supply to the
colon. This is called ischemic colitis disease Miles
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 , and it is due to a narrowing of the
arteries that carry blood to the organ. Think of it as being analogous to heart
disease. Everyone knows that heart disease is caused by plaque build-up in the
arteries that carry blood to the heart. Starve the organ of blood, and it
suffers, eventually leading to cardiac arrest.

The same thing can happen to your colon if you have full blown colitis
disease. So you can see why diet and exercise are an important part of avoiding
colitis disease. If you’re eating right and exercising, you’re much, much less
likely to suffer from atherlosclerosis (the scientific name for the narrowing of
the arteries) and therefore much more likely to maintain a proper blood supply
to the colon. Paradoxically, if you’re suffering from this type of colitis
disease, you will have bloody bowel movements.

There are other causes for colitis disease, however. A common one is either
bacterial or viral infaction, which causes infectious colitis disease. All the
food-born illnesses you’ve heard of are the cuprits Kareem
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 , from E. Coli to Salmonella to
good, old fashioned food poisoning. With infectious colitis disease, you will
tend not to have bloody stools but instead have constant diarrhea. In either
instance, you need to keep well hydrated, since colitis can sap your body of its
water stores.

So in short, just make sure that the food you eat is clean in order to avoid
infections, and healthy in order to keep your circulatory system working at top
notch efficiency. These are the best ways to avoid colitis.

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 , food, plant, dirt, and many others.
Quite simply any substance could make you sensitive which is a harmful defense
mechanisms issue. Immune system is definately a function involving system which
guards the idea through the kind in order to illness or even ill-effects. When
someone is actually feeling more healthy than the others, it is because of their
disease fighting capability. However in situation regarding allergy while
disease fighting capability gets afflicted it consider just about any undamaging
substance just as one trespasser as well as induces the protecting mechanism.
Because of this by letting the signal internal defensive system that's the 2nd
period protecting method ready to act, because by now the burglar has recently
touched the skin as well as by simply intake, breathing in as well as right used
by simply the path involving jaws neglects the initial series defensive
perimeter of the physique. There are