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  • Mikael bookmarked Academic Earth 1490 days ago
    Academic Earth aims to provide everyone with the opportunity to earn a world-class education by offering free online classes and online learning tools.
  • Mikael bookmarked HowStuffWorks 1490 days ago
    A website that has a lot of how-tos.
  • Mikael bookmarked Luminocity 1490 days ago
    An website with online games that aim to improve the user's memory.
  • Mikael bookmarked Merriam-Webster dictionary 1490 days ago
    The Merriam-Webster dictionary which is considered as one of the best dictionaries in the world.
  • Mikael bookmarked Webopedia 1490 days ago
    An online dictionary with internet terms and abbreviations.
  • Mikael bookmarked Read Print 1490 days ago
    A website with free online books.
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  • Mikael uploaded the document Intel Core i7 VS Intel Atom presentation 1494 days ago
    A presentation on Intel Core i7 and Intel Atom.