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E46 M3's production: Revision

E46 M3's production

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S54B32 M3 engine on the cross-sectional view, 3.2L 343 horsepower can be issued
E46 M3 in operation, almost equivalent to the M50 series of high-performance engines went to the extreme, the new S54B32 engine power output has reached the limits of basic aspects of daily use, high-performance engines, 3.2L displacement, horsepower output reaches 343 horses, of course, such as the power output required VANOS, VALVETRONIC and other cooperation to achieve before. 

Many here do not have to evaluate the tongue or on the introduction of the E46 M3 engine S13 240SX coilovers, because it works too well known of.
The new series of M3 E90 models are also about to launch, specific information regarding the engine is still small, but it definitely will not be worse than a S54B32 also widely spread today, right? ! 

In addition to the BMW worked as a sign of the inline six-cylinder engine, M-Power has also launched  sets very high performance four, eight, ten, twelve-cylinder engines that can work independently, to become a high-performance engine MX5 Coilovers masterpiece.
Code S14 inline four-cylinder engine in the works E30 M3 era output 215 horsepower