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  • Student research paper

    Student research paper Student research paper Student research paper Student research paper Student research paper 

    Tags: Research, design, writer, university

    26 days ago

  • Anti-platelet drugs are expected to treat the Alzheimer's disease

    German researchers at University of Dusseldorf announced on the 25th in the communique that some functions of platelets may accelerate the progression of Alzheimer's disease, while anti-platelet drugs may play positive effects in the treatment of Alzheimer's disease. Alzheimer's disease is a c...

    Tags: protein, medical, gene, research, Alzheimer

    331 days ago

  • Just one injection cam treats type 2 diabetes in the near future

    A recent study may indicate a new therapy for type 2 diabetes. In the study, the researchers injected growth-promoting peptides directly into the brains of obese diabetic mice after the animals sustained remission of the disease, and their diet or weight and no sustained changes. The researche...

    Tags: protein, medical, gene, research

    332 days ago

  • Scientists may develop mangosteen as cancer drugs

    Mangosteen not only has the effect of cleaning throat and strengthening lungs but also may be a anti-cancer drug. A recent study confirmed that part mangosteen triterpenoids lethal to cancer cells, and having a cell cycle arrest, inhibit tumor cell metastasis and other effects, which provides a n...

    Tags: elisa kit, gene, protein, research

    333 days ago

  • Scientists find a potential drug that can treat breast cancer efficiently

    A research achievement published by University of Edinburgh on 23th introduced that researchers led by the school's team found a compound which can effectively inhibit the growth of breast cancer cells in a lab environment. Based on this finding, scientists are expected to develop a new generatio...

    Tags: protein, medical, gene, research

    334 days ago

  • What did you wait since changing your lifestyle can protect you from getting cancer?

    According to the latest research results, about 20% to 40% of cancer cases and about half of all cancer deaths are likely to be avoided by changing lifestyle. The study was published in JAMA Oncology. Researchers conducted surveys on the cancer risk of White American and concluded that if peop...

    Tags: protein, medical, gene, research

    335 days ago

  • High-level p62 protein may be able to detect HCC recurrence

    Santiago Sangfudebo Burnham Institute for Medical Research and the University Of California School Of Medicine found that the increase of levels of p62 protein human liver is closely related to cancer recurrence, reducing the survival rate of patients. Mouse model shows that p62 protein is a nece...

    Tags: protein, medical, gene, research

    337 days ago

  • A combination of AIDS vaccine may be used to cure AIDS in the near future

    US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases announced on the 18th that they would carry out large-scale clinical trials in South Africa later this year to test the effectiveness of an AIDS vaccine combination which is widely considered promising. Such a combination of AIDS vaccine...

    Tags: protein, medical, gene, research

    338 days ago

  • Researchers are promising to create reverse version of molecule against viruses

    According to the report of US technology website engadget on May 18, Tsinghua university researchers create protein mirror which is closely related to life functions, copy DNA and convert it into RNA, which is the key step to create reverse version of molecule which can be more effective against ...

    Tags: elisa kit, gene, protein, research

    339 days ago

  • Exercise can reduce the risk of diabetes

    A 20-year large-scale study of analysis demonstrated that high level of cardiovascular fitness (CRF) is very important to reduce the incidence of diabetes and pre-diabetes. The study was published recently in the journal Diabetologia. Previous studies have shown that adults who improve cardio-...

    Tags: elisa kit, gene, protein, research

    340 days ago

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